Ionic Builds Case Study


Ionic Builds is an independent family run business offering fully managed, professional and tailored building services to residential clients, regardless of the size of the project.  The business specialises in bespoke projects including conversions, extensions and redesigning outdoor and indoor space. It serves customers across the Bristol region.

The business has experienced significant growth over the last number of years and has developed an established brand in the sector.  With this growth has come the added pressure to remain nimble.  The business is focused on expanding its core business and recognised that it was more efficient to outsource their accounting services. Everett King was recommended to the business through a family connection who had used them as their accountant for many years and fully endorse their services.

The Service and Solution

Ionic Builds were introduced to Everett King in 2021 and following initial discussions around service offerings were engaged by the business.  The key criteria included being able to offer accounting services that provided a robust and scalable solution. As cloud-based accountants, Everett King was fully able to support projected future growth.   As Ionic Builds operates in a sector that has tight margins, a squeeze on material costs and is reliant on sub-contractor skills to support the delivery of its projects, it must be able to access an accurate overview of real-time finances at any stage.  The production of timely financial reports and statements by Everett King precisely reflect how the business is performing enabling it to adapt and make informed decisions around costs and margins.

The holistic service and trusting relationship offered by Everett King  are clearly demonstrated in the breadth of managed accountancy services provided, including: 

  • Preparing all bookkeeping to ensure the accounts are up to date.
  • Producing timely monthly management accounts and ensuring timely delivery of financial statements meeting both management and statutory requirements.
  • Submitting all required year-end statutory documentation to HMRC and Companies House.
  • Setting yearly budgets including forecasting, management and monthly monitoring.
  • Preparing payroll (including liabilities under CIS), auto-enrolment, calculation of payslips and pensions and provision of payslips.
  • Advising on cash flow management.
  • Ensuring that all tax returns for Corporation Tax and VAT are submitted on time.


“Gaining access to a team of professionals whose sole focus is to save you money and keep your financial records straight is fantastic.  Everett King understands the construction sector and is able to offer my business advice and direction to enable me to make strategic decisions for the company.  They bring a wealth of knowledge and practical experience that adds value. 

The personal touch, availability, professionalism and advice provided by David and his team at Everett King ensures our bookkeeping is up to date, our team have been paid on time and we have the financial information available to us to project and plan for future growth of the business.”

Three words would I use to describe Everett King? Knowledgeable, accommodating, dependable.”

Alexis Birakos, Managing Director at Ionic Builds

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