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In today’s dynamic landscape, entrepreneurs in the transport and logistics sector encounter many challenges that demand adept management for sustainable success where efficiency is key. With slim profit margins, fierce competition, persistent driver shortages and escalating operational costs, businesses face considerable obstacles in turning a profit. Every aspect of the operation must be finely tuned to ensure timely deliveries, optimal resource utilisation and regulatory compliance.

In this environment the role of an adept accountant becomes indispensable. At Everett King, we offer tailored solutions to industry-specific challenges, drawing upon our extensive expertise in areas such as payroll solutions (including benefits and overtime allowances), VAT complexities, strategic business planning and comprehensive tax advice.

By offering specialised accounting services tailored to the unique needs of the transport and logistics sector, we can significantly enhance the financial well-being and operational efficiency of businesses within this industry.

Limited Company Setup:

Establishing a limited company is a crucial step for businesses in the transport and logistics sector, providing legal protection and tax advantages. We can guide entrepreneurs through the intricacies of company formation, ensuring compliance with relevant regulations and optimising the structure for maximum operational and tax efficiency. By selecting the appropriate legal entity and crafting a solid foundation, the stage is set for sustainable growth and profitability.


Accurate and up-to-date financial records are the backbone of any successful business. In the transport and logistics sector, where transactions are frequent and diverse, meticulous bookkeeping is even more critical. Our experienced team of bookkeepers will streamline the process, track expenses, manage invoices and reconcile accounts with precision. By maintaining clear financial records, you can then make informed decisions, identify cost-saving opportunities and demonstrate financial integrity to stakeholders.

VAT Returns:

Navigating Value Added Tax (VAT) regulations can be challenging, particularly for businesses operating across borders or engaging in complex supply chains. We possess the expertise to manage VAT obligations effectively and will ensure timely submission of VAT returns, optimise VAT recovery processes and can advise on VAT implications for international transactions. By mitigating compliance risks and maximising VAT efficiency we can help your business minimise tax liabilities and preserve cash flow.

Payroll Management:

In the transport and logistics sector, where personnel often work irregular hours and receive various allowances and bonuses, payroll processing can become intricate. Our payroll bureau offer comprehensive payroll services including calculating wages accurately, processing deductions and managing statutory payments such as National Insurance contributions and pension schemes. Take away the stress by outsourcing your payroll function allowing you to focus on core activities.

Annual Accounts:

Preparing annual accounts is not merely a regulatory obligation but an opportunity to assess financial performance and strategise for the future.  We have specialisation in the transport and logistics sector which goes beyond compliance.  We provide valuable insights into profitability, cash flow management and investment opportunities, empowering businesses to make informed decisions and adapt to market dynamics proactively. Through transparent and insightful annual accounts we facilitate stakeholder communication and foster trust in the business’s financial health.

Consultancy for Growth:

In a competitive industry like transport and logistics, continuous growth is imperative for long-term success. At Everett King we have in-depth knowledge of the sector and offer strategic consultancy services, guiding businesses through expansion initiatives, mergers, acquisitions and capital investments. We conduct financial feasibility studies, assess risk factors and develop robust growth strategies aligned with your business’s objectives. By leveraging our industry expertise, we become trusted advisors, driving sustainable growth and enhancing the competitive advantage for our clients.

From company formation to strategic consultancy, a knowledgeable accountant will optimise financial efficiency, mitigate risks and fuel growth in this dynamic industry. By partnering with Everett King you can navigate complex financial challenges with confidence and achieve your strategic objectives effectively.


A highly trained team offering accounting services to the sector working hard to deliver timely, individual advice on how to improve your business and personal wealth.


A business model that will walk you through your journey of growth; whether you are just starting out in a self-employed capacity or are a well-established business in the sector.


Proficient in industry software and platforms such as Xero, QuickBooks, Sage and Dext which will keep your business financially sound and generate the right data to assist you in decision making.

Client Case Study

R.H.I Haulage Ltd operate as a contract haulier in the heavy goods industry, providing transportation services for the movement of commodities across the UK.


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“I have been thoroughly impressed with the service provided by Everett King. The transition process, though initially daunting, was made manageable by their supportive and professional team. From VAT management to payroll, they have consistently delivered with efficiency and clarity. The level of responsiveness and understanding shown by the staff is exemplary, making them a valuable asset in managing the financial affairs of my business. Moving forward, I look forward to exploring further opportunities for growth by accessing the consultancy service with Brian, confident in the expertise and guidance offered by Everett King.”

Gordon Sheppard

Managing Director, R.H.I Haulage Ltd


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