R.H.I Haulage Ltd    Case Study


R.H.I Haulage Ltd (‘the Company’) operate as a contract haulier in the heavy goods industry, providing transportation services for the movement of commodities across the UK.

Dissatisfied with the persistent delays and inaccuracies from their former accountant, the Company were provided with a referral to Everett King in respect of their accounting requirements.  Having identified the obvious benefits of appointing Everett King the transition phase posed initial challenges. The Director of the Company had to recover and compile appropriate paperwork for submission to Everett King as part of the onboarding process. Nevertheless, the professionalism and support extended by the Everett King team, notably Shanaz, alleviated much of the stress. The Everett King team maintained a responsive attitude highlighting their dedication to working with the client and supporting them through this process.

The Service and Solution

Everett King provide a range of services including VAT management, annual accounts, payroll, submission of returns to Companies House as well as personal annual taxation returns for the Directors. The transition and subsequent interactions are characterised by professionalism and efficiency resulting in timely completion of regulatory returns and clear communication throughout.

The Company acknowledges the importance of quality service and is willing to invest more for the exceptional level of support provided by Everett King.

Impressions and Highlights: The ease of transition and ongoing support were highly appreciated by the Company, who found the responsiveness of the team to be exceptional. Whether it was addressing queries or providing assistance, the staff consistently demonstrated a helpful and supportive attitude.

Special Aspects of the Relationship: Looking ahead, the Company sees potential for further collaboration with Everett King, particularly in terms of consultancy to develop their business. They value the tangible advice and guidance that can be offered by Brian Phillips, Managing Partner / Business Advisor to contribute to the growth and success of their operations.


“I have been thoroughly impressed with the service provided by Everett King. The transition process, though initially daunting, was made manageable by their supportive and professional team. From VAT management to payroll, they have consistently delivered with efficiency and clarity. The level of responsiveness and understanding shown by the staff is exemplary, making them a valuable asset in managing the financial affairs of my business. Moving forward, I look forward to exploring further opportunities for growth by accessing the consultancy service with Brian, confident in the expertise and guidance offered by Everett King.”

Three words would I use to describe Everett King? Friendly, Helpful, Understanding”

Gordon Sheppard, R.H.I Haulage Ltd

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