Many businesses face ongoing regulatory, legislative and financial challenges and are looking for external help to support them.  This may be to supplement lack of resources within their business or to carry out specific roles e.g. Marketing, HR, Accounting & Finance or to review their business model and provide recommendations on how the business needs to evolve and potentially change to grow.

For some the complexities of the tax system, new Making Tax Digital regulation and the intricacies of finance as your business matures may need the support that an accountant can bring in offering practical advice and guidance which cannot be underestimated.

You may possibly need a “sounding board” to bounce ideas off and to explore what the options may be to approach and deal with certain business or financial challenges ahead.

Whether it’s helping with preparing business plans, providing due diligence for an acquisition, analysing and proof testing key financial figures, developing projections for funding requirements, restructuring, cost production or efficiency programmes or to identifying any potential issues Business Consultancy can offer a business a variety of solutions.

Business consultancy can also offer strategic direction as a business focuses on future growth.  Key deliverables that you can expect include:


Businesses may need consultancy services in order to supplement or take advantage of a expertise that they do not have internally within their business.

New perspective on your business

For many business owners getting a third party neutral review and external analysis on how their operations and financials are can identify areas for improvement and greater efficiencies along with greater financial oversight.

Change Management

It can be a problem for a small business to implement change in their operations when they lack specific skills and expertise for carrying these changes out. It is beneficial for a business to take advantage of the expert knowledge offered through consulting, as external consultants can teach the internal staff on how the change can be implemented and oversee the changes in order to ensure that the implementation is done smoothly.

Why not avail yourself with a free 2 hour initial consultation for your business.  Whether that’s obtaining finance and securing it in the right way; streamlining your processes or reviewing your financial structure with a view to improving efficiencies, we will have you covered.  

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